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Marketing With Photos Webinar

“How To Get More Mileage Out of Your Stock Photos and  . . . Create Better Ads”

Please excuse the first 4 minutes of the webinar, I forgot to turn on my screenshare, but it comes back on in 4 minutes and we cover everything.


Ed Mercer


norma-150x150 Presenter
Norma Rickman

This webinar is exclusive to our customers. We’re going to be peeling back the layers of some highly profitable tactics because we want only our customers to benefit most from our knowledge.

This webinar is going to be a lot of fun and highly informative as well!

  • How to make multiple variations of your images
  • How to correctly resize images for recommended Facebook ad sizes
  • How to add eye-catching borders and backgrounds to your photos
  • How to write creative ad copy that grabs viewers attention and increases conversions